1. Homeless Sky

From the recording The Ruins of Our Age

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"The morning fog will steal your dreams like a wallet from your shabby coat"

Named among the Top 100 Songs About Homelessness, award-winner in the Great American Song Contest, Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, Dallas Songwriters Association, the Austin Songwriters Group and the UK Songwriting Contest


Homeless Sky
(C) 2018 Michael R. J. Roth

I’m really not a drinkin’ man
I come here for the atmosphere
A stone's throw from the Goodwill store
Where the wounded drag in from the battle
On the invisible front of the new civil war
While I’m nursing a beer in Seattle

And the morning fog will steal your dreams
Like a wallet from your shabby coat
Before your very eyes
Life never measures up, it seems
To that poetry you like to quote
Beneath the homeless sky
The homeless sky

Body shops on boomtown streets
It’s not the town it meant to be
It always wants a little more
And who am I to begrudge them
The evergreen air is perfect and pure
But it carries the odor of judgment


I’ll sleep beneath a highway bridge
When the weather gets too drunk again
Every day’s a poker hand
My luck ran out at the age of seven
I feel like a sailor lost out at sea
Searching for signs in the heavens