First Place Lyric Winner - "God or something"

2021 Great American Song Contest

Co-written with Eric Ramsey

Grand prize (2nd place) at DSA

"Gone Gone Gone"

"Gone Gone Gone" received the second-place Grand Prize Award in this year's Dallas Songwriters Association song contest

Digging In The Ruins of Our Age With Michael R.J. Roth

Northern Spirit Radio's Mark Helpsmeet Digs Deep

Michael R. J. Roth writes his songs on the deep end of the meaning pool, and his tone has the same depth, so that some have called him a cool dark troubadour. His voice ranges, sometimes recalling the tones of a Gordon Lightfoot or a Johnny Cash, and sometimes a bit of John Prine. But what's especially wonderful is how after retirement from a number of professions, including that of a diplomat, Michael launched into full-time music production around 65, and he's put out more than 9 albums to date. After years living & working around the globe (including Cameroon, West Africa) and a lot of time in Washington DC, Michael calls Rio Rancho, NM home.


the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest (MASC)

Category Winners Announced


The judges have made their selections for the 38th annual Mid-Atlantic Song Contest sponsored by the Songwriters’ Association of Washington. I am happy to inform you that your songs received the following awards:

God or Something was chosen for the Finalist award for the Lyrics Only category

Broken Mirror was chosen for the Honorable Mention award for the Lyrics Only category


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Get off my lawn!

A new showcase for old musicians

Get Off My Lawn! grew out of a peer session at the Midwest Folk Alliance (FARM), where I proposed an idea that has taken root and re-appeared in the Northeast Folk Alliance (NERFA) this week. Sort of like the Walking Dead armed with guitars.

Two semifinalists in Dallas

Just announced

The Dallas Songwriters Association has announced its semifinalists in its annual song contest. I was pleased that two songs made the list. "Gone Gone Gone" (co-written with Eric Ramsey) and "The Weight of a Dream" (co-written with Harri Wolf) are two new songs that I'm excited about. 

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