What was gordon lightfoot thinking?

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Affair on 8th Avenue

Season 2, Ep. 9


In this episode, host Mike Messner and his guest, Michael Roth, discuss this selection from Gordon Lightfoot's Back Here On Earth album of 1968 (and re-recorded for the compilation double album Gord's Gold in 1975). You'll also hear from fellow podcasts How Good It Is, Paranormal Son, Books Boys, and All Those Years Ago.

Playing at the DSA awards show

January 14, 2022

Nice to be invited to play at the Dallas Songwriters Association 2022 Awards Program, where I got to play "Cheap as a Kiss," a song I wrote with Eric Ramsey, who is so popular he couldn't make it to this and asked me to play for him. The things I will do for my friends. And Harri Wolf, who wrote "No Love Lost Cafe" with me, is next on the lineup. So stay tuned.

The Friends of the Bay County Public Libraries presents Concert Series starting with Michael R.J. Roth January 12 at 6 p.m.



From "The Price of a Song" 

  • Perfect for those times when life's got you down 
  • A little inspirational pillow for songwriters.

  • Great for those moments on the couch when you need to lie back and wait for the muse to strike.

"Cheap as a Kiss” is the Lyric Winner of the USA Songwriting Competition 2022

Written by Michael R. J. Roth & Eric Ramsey

We are thrilled to announce that "Cheap as a Kiss” is the Lyric Winner of the USA Songwriting Competition, especially since it is not a typical song, but rather one of those songs that sprang forth on its own and demanded to be written. One of those rare bird sightings. Can't wait to share it with you.

Words & Music

Live Music and Book signing

I will be joining a group of local songwriters and authors in Panama City, Florida, for an evening of music and literature! Live music, readings, and book and CD signings.

Dallas Songwriters

Two semifinalist songs

Two recent songs, "Cheap as a Kiss" (written with Eric Ramsey) and "No Love Lost Cafe" (c-writer Harri Wolf) were announced as semifinalists in this year's Dallas Songwriters Association song contest. Results will be announced in January. Fingers crossed.

Boo Radley plus Melissa Bowman, Savannah Jane and Michael R J Roth

New Date: Saturday, March 18, at Roberts Hall

MBoo Radley returns to Roberts Hall and Melissa Bowman, Savannah Jane and Michael Roth start the night with a songwriters in the round show!

Boo Radley's original music highlights the songwriting skills and true passions of the acoustic duo, husband and wife Michael Shawn Turner and Patricia Matson-Turner. “Meaningful lyrics, high-quality, well-rehearsed vocal harmonies, and Turner’s intricate playing on his warm, full-bodied acoustic guitar set Boo Radley apart.” Their songs, speaking to modern-day and sometimes personal issues, resonate with audiences young and old. Ranging from soft ballads to more hard-driving acoustic songs, their spirit has proven to thrive through Boo’s live performances.

Michael R. J. Roth has been called "a cool dark troubadour...not unlike Townes Van Zandt" with songs known for intriguing imagery and "deep, profound truth." He is a three-time lyric winner of the The Great American Song Contest, and lyric winner of the NSAI Song Contest, the Dallas Songwriters Association, the Austin Songwriters Group and the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest. His song “Gone Gone Gone” written with Eric Ramsey was a Grand Prize Winner (second place) in the 2021 Dallas Songwriters Association Song Contest.  Lori McKenna called him "Brilliant." 

When: Saturday, March 18, 2023

7-10 p.m.

Where: Roberts Hall 831 Florida Avenue Lynn Haven, FL 32444

Play Music on the Porch Day

August 27, 2-4 pm

Join me for this worldwide event, which will be celebrated in downtown Panama City.

Throughout history, musicians have played and sang on porches, in yards and in the streets sharing their passion with others.  
Play Music on the Porch Day invites musicians all over the world to revive that tradition.

Saturday, Aug. 27th from 2-4pm, come STROLL along Harrison Ave. listening to our very talented local musicians. Browse the shops, grab a drink, and enjoy our beautiful downtown while celebrating the love of MUSIC! See you there!

I'll be playing at Pyramid, locate at 524 Harrison Avenue, Panama City, FL 32401


St. Andrews Jezebel Podcast

Easy Heroes Featuring Salty Local Michael R.J Roth

The St. Andrews Jezebel Podcast is a weekly celebration of art, culture, and small business life happening exclusively in St. Andrews Florida, a historic arts district near Panama City Beach Florida. Each week Ashley interviews salty locals sharing their journeys in the reconstruction period following Hurricane Michael.

    In this episode, Ashley talks to songwriter Michael R.J. Roth about his career. In recent months Michael and his wife relocated to the Florida Panhandle from New Mexico.  In response to his arrival, the local songwriting community welcomed him with open arms. He is the  winning lyricist of the 2019 NSAI LYRIC COMPETITION, the Great American Song Contest and a member of the Dallas songwriters association, he is one of the most prominent lyricists around.
    On this episode Ashley and Michael talk songwriting, performing, stage fright and Michael’s early impressions of Historic St. Andrews

    Songs for Easy Heroes