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"I’m like a bat flying in the night
Singing songs to find out where I am"


A Bat Flying in the Night
© 2019 Michael R. J. Roth

I’ve been draggin’ these old songs around
Like suitcases of clothes that smell like hell
I’ve got a feeling that the devil has been on to me
He knows about the stories I can never tell

The shadow on the floor is staring back at me
Daring me to make my getaway
From all the shady figures I pretend to be
And then there is that better man standing in my way

As all my fantasies take flight
Leaving me with nowhere else to stand
I’m like a bat flying in the night
Singing songs to find out where I am

I pick up songs like sentimental snow globes
Souvenirs from an antique shop
That come to life whenever they are shaken
And settle down in frozen time the moment that you stop

You could say there’s nothing in the desert
But maybe it’s just something you don’t see
Like the men who walked away from Galilee
Wondering what rising from the dead might really mean


I see the stars that shine like guided missiles
Falling softly through the evening skies
In an atmosphere of unexploded wishes
And the unexpected love that always takes me by surprise

The Milky Way is stretched across the heavens
Fragile as a single strip of gauze
Fantastic as the stories that are written
On a thin page of the Bible between nothingness and God