From the recordings Santa Fe and A Massacre of Valentines

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Soft as the Wind
©1983 Michael R. J. Roth & Coya Steele Silverlake

The first time I met you
you lived all alone
on a ranch that grew nothing
but fences and bones,
you hair like a raven,
your eyes like the night.
I found myself wishing
I could stay by your side.


As soft as the wind
through a little girl’s hair,
as proud as a stallion
with a new brood of mares,
come bring me your love
under darkening skies,
and I’ll watch the sun rise
in your eyes.

I worked like a madman,
you grinned like an elf,
you haunted my days
like the devil himself.
When you sang in your cabin
by the cottonwood tree,
well, I would imagine
you were singing to me.


The secret you carried
was one I knew well,
so much to say
and no one to tell.
Like the wind that can’t hear
and the sun that can’t see,
you were blind to the love
you were hiding from me.


The way that it happened,
I don’t understand,
but there came a day
you held earth in your hand.
And watching it crumble
like a prayer made of clay,
you turned ‘round to me
and said, “Why don’t you stay?”