From the recordings Santa Fe and A Massacre of Valentines

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Features the lovely background vocals of Lexi Jackson


Grasping at the Wind
©1982 Michael R. J. Roth & Harri Wolf

I was deep in the heart
of a lonely park
when I saw you on your knees,
looking like some queen
of the birds and bees
underneath a willow tree.
You said you were looking
for a contact you lost.
You were looking straight at me
when you said to me,
"Please, could you help me, please?"
You drew me your way
like a scandal to the sin.

Chorus: Now I feel I'm only
grasping at the wind

You said there'd be changes
coming for me
just around the bend.
You threw down your cards
like a gypsy girl
in a tattered, makeshift tent.
You said there would be
a love so true
it would surely never end.
And I thought it was you,
I swore it was you,
but you blew me away
like a handbill in the wind.


Now all of the cars
carry evening stars
for the warriors of romance,
astrology charts,
lists of spare parts
and arts to deliver us
from chance.
And I thought it was grand
when you gave me your hand
and the leaves began to dance
And I thought it was true,
I swore it was true,
I'd found me a way
to a love that never ends.