From the recording Santa Fe

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Features the lovely background vocals of Lexi Jackson


If It Ain't Love (It's the Right Idea)
© 1981 Michael R. J. Roth & Harri Wolf

I know you're lonely. I can tell
You toss that change away
Like coins into a well
I can only guess
What brings you here
If it ain't love,
it's the right idea

We sit so close
We could be friends
But the road that brought me here
Has reached an end
Unlock your door
What's there to fear?
If it ain't love,
It's the right idea

But if you're afraid
Of the cold and dark
Don't you blow out that candle
In your heart
When you reach out
For someone near
If it ain't love,
It's the right idea

Like a map, I've read your skin,
like a traveler
who's looking for an inn.
But your neon eyes,
they shine, then disappear.
Did they say "Love"
or "Keep Away from Here?"


If I could make
One wish come true
I'd wish for you
To wish for me
To come to you
And whisper close,
So you could hear,
"If it ain't love,
It's the right idea."