From the recordings Santa Fe and A Massacre of Valentines

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Coming Home to Me
©19983 Michael R. J. Roth

Bird sits on an evergreen,
Waiting for July.
Clouds sit on a mountaintop
In a clear blue sky.
Children play the way they do.
I'm at home,
But where are you?

You, only you,
coming home to me.

I'm gonna run out of cigarettes
Before you return.
Another day without you,
Another page to burn.
But if I turn to the love in me,
When I look, what do I see?

Chorus 2:
I see you, only you,
coming home to me.

I'll wait for the sun to set.
I'll wait for the frost.
I'll sit through the winter
and wait till the wind gets lost.
And if I wait till the end of time,
if it ends, then I don't mind,

Chorus 3:
Because it's you, only you,
coming home to me.