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The Close Shaves of a Hero
© 1982 Michael R. J. Roth & Harri Wolf

You hike along the open road,
Destinations at your back.
Various scenarios jam up on the highway
Like people fleeing from a jet attack.
You walk into a warehouse town,
Breathe that Goodwill air right down.
There's a bum, he's looking miserable,
Been chiseling for days,
A monument to who was there.
He says,

"You know I'm out of season,
And I've become a ghost.
I'd get hooked up with a heroine
If I were just a kid again;
I've had the close shaves of a hero,
But I don't have the clothes."

The color of a jaundiced face,
An old Help Wanted sign draws you inside
To hear the waitress say with a sigh,
"The job ain't much, but it's the best you'll find."
The hungry crowd packs in
Under a sky that's sealed in tin.
You say, "Oh Lord, if there were more like me,
I'd drop my disguise, burglarize their hearts
And break into a grin."
You say,


There's a lad in a bad machine,
With a chick to make him strong,
Auto body painted like a comic book.
He's got the radio on.
He's got the noise of a throttle poised
And an engine he can gun.
He's the master of his vehicle.
But one day, it won't run.

You look down upon the broken streets
Through a window clear as gin,
You say, "Don't get me wrong.
I'm just an American boy
Keeping faith until the good guys win."
You say,