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Dream Laden Lady
(C) 2017 Michael R. J. Roth

So many nights I have stared at the moon
Waiting for love in the morning light
And then I saw the divine Holy Spirit shine down
Like a floodlight aimed straight at me.

Oh my dream-laden lady
Come carry me home
I've gone blind
And your life is so luminous
I'm afraid of the darkness
Afraid that it's mine
Open my eyes
I've been hunting down night life
Feeding on their dreams

So many times I've been thrown to the ground
Like a bull-baiting clown in a rodeo
How many times can I rise up
So crumpled and tossed
Like a love letter thrown away


The sunrise is burning the sins of the world
And we are all waking to sin again
How many times will the sun rise to sanctify us
Before the last trumpet blows