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The Cold Wind Blows
(C) Michael R. J. Roth

When I rise I will return
To the cold eye of the dawn
Reminding me that time began
From the moment you were gone
Since the day I gazed on you
I could bear no other sight
Like the true light of the moon
Burning through the lie of night

Once I had a heart of steel
Forged in furnaces of hate
And no wound it made would heal
Nor could it shield me from my fate
On the day I felt your love
Dissolve my heart like so much rust
It was like rain out on the field
Raising grain up from the dust.

Now the cold wind blows
and the evening sky
is suddenly aflame,
and the only sound
is my beating heart
echoing your name.

Like a stone into a well
I have fallen on my hope
Like a refugee from hell
Standing with a telescope
Until the day you come for me
I will remain these many years
On this island of my soul
In this ocean of my tears