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I Might Be Liable to Injury
© 1981 Michael R. J. Roth

Soon I’ll be own my own
Wiping the snow from my window
Driving off into the dawn
Like a page I haven’t written on
Or a page I’m blind to

I’ve been alone so long
Thinking that love was a stranger
Dropping clothes onto the floor
Like a lady from the day before
Who asked me to change her

Now I might be liable to injury
I might go out and do crazy things
I might rip every conceivable doubt in two
I might come home every night for you

Time is my only friend
Knowing that everything changes
Letting love run up a debt
And bartering with bated breath
Can love be so dangerous?


When you fly away tonight
I’ll pray for a turn in the weather
Stealing like a fugitive
Through dreams that we have yet to live
In mornings together