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If I Step Onto That Train
© 2018 Michael R. J. Roth

A cheerless and distracted woman
Steps onto a train
I don't know where she is going
I don't know if she is sane
But she acts like she is walking
Through a portal to a time or a dimension
Where they store up the little things
That I forgot to mention when we met

And if I step onto that train
Will I then travel through all time without a clue
Or will I find a home with what remains
Of the love that I believed I had with you
Was I a fool to think it ever really happened
And is it true
That somewhere in another universe
You are thinking of me too

I remember that our love was once
As common as the air
A thing you take for granted
Until it’s no longer there
You said my memories
Had no more substance
Than the early morning mist
Or the sadness of a diamond in a pawnshop
By the station where we kissed


And suddenly I'm lost
Without a compass to your heart
Trying to find my place
On some imaginary chart
To reconstruct the code of truth
And lies to find the words you really meant
To mend the fabric of the stars that rips apart
With every sunrise since you left