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What We Really Mean When We Say Love
© 1981 Michael R. J. Roth

I grew up on sacred hosts,
Midnight Masses, Holy Ghosts,
So I’m no stranger to an angel’s sighs
But I’ve seen men go straight to hells
Of elegant design
And I think I’d almost do it for the fire in your eyes

But I wish that it were morning, angel girl
When shadow we become at night
Turn back into the world
When we’re no longer only dreaming of
What we really mean when we say love

Now your body comes to light
That world I’ve used so many times
To lie, to lay a stranger I’ve desired
And I confess I came to you
Dressed up in love’s disguise
Still, I’d like to lift the cover
From the lover that you hide

Chorus: But I wish that it were morning, angel girl…

Well, maybe I won’t go to bed
I’ll gather up the wind instead
Like wild flowers from a field of stars
And see if there’s a lover for me
Waiting out beyond
All those midnight vigils I burn down
To butt ends in the bars

Chorus: And I might see you in the morning, angel girl…