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If I Made a Movie
(C) 2017 Michael R. J. Roth

First there was the part
Where you twisted up my heart
With the wrist of a barista
And I wished I coulda kissed ya
But the brilliance of your
Diamond-perfect flaws
Left me speechless
And grasping at a straw


If I made a movie
You would be my leading lady
You could call me darling, honey,
I would call you baby.
Our love would fly up to the sky so far
You would be a star

Then there was the scene
Where you passed me on the street
To the rhythm and the passion
Of the traffic and the heat
But you left me in the shadow of romance
When you walked on
Without a single glance


I still wait for the day
When I can have another chance
To rewrite the scenario
Where we begin to dance
I still hope that I will find you
But never saw you again
We started the movie
But never got to the end