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When You Found Me
© 2017 Michael R. J. Roth

They should’ve named a ghost town after me
I could've been a hero
On a black and white TV
Where I just stood my ground
While every falling star just fell
Like ashes all around
Yeah, that was me

When you found me
The ruins of my life lay all around me
When you came to me
I saw an angel walking on a troubled sea
You reached into my heart
And rescued me

In a cafe, in Santa Fe, New Mexico
The dust and sweat of a working day
Falling off my clothes
You walked up to me
With just a cup of coffee
And the music of a radio
That’s all I know


When I saw you in the morning light
I knew the reason for the morning
And the meaning of the light
When you kissed me in the dark
I understood without a doubt
The reason for my heart
Was in your smile