From the recording I Dreamed I Was A Weapon

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Farewell, Pennsylvania
©1980, 2003 Michael R. J. Roth

Dark diner, dark strangers,
in the hour they conjure police,
and a radio angel keeping score on the peace.
Oh, the fast tricks and the lunatics
in the very next booth --
when they tell you, "Don't mention it,"
well, it might be the truth.

Farewell, Pennsylvania,
to the wild life and hung over skies,
to the women that raise ya
to be one of the guys.
Farewell, Pennsylvania,
I'm slipping off like a glove
from the cold hands that drain ya
of brotherly love.

The lady wants a miracle --
she's walking on beer
towards the light of a cigarette
like the eye of a deer.
All her men friends and her relatives
are out hunting down doe
asking, "How can a fella live
with a lady in tow?"


The cops laugh at one more joke
and walk away with our fear,
while the lady goes off alone
with a stranger named "Dear."
"Let the boys feast on venison.
May the trophy endure.
And let them all take their medicine.
I'm already cured."