1. Santa Fe
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Santa Fe
© 1996 Michael R. J. Roth

Golden farolitos,
shining like the sin
in the hearts of lovers
you have burned beneath your skin,
scar you like a dream
of love you can believe,
and wake you to your your need
for a home you'll never leave,
one heartbeat behind,
one step on your way,
hoping you can find
Santa Fe.

Santa Fe, Santa Fe,
all your dreams are born again
in Santa Fe.
Santa Fe, Santa Fe,
where the morning strikes like lighting
and the years have slipped away.

Angel on your shoulder
hid beneath your sleeve
like a tatoo covering
your need to believe
in the grace of God,
feeling like a fool
for banking on the odds
that God believes in you,
running out of time
for one last chance to pray
for love you hope to find
Santa Fe.