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Reach for the Sky
(C) 1990 Michael R. J. Roth

The alley is riddled with slogans
that never came home from the war,
and every dark window is broken
by a promise of light on the floor.
Derelicts stand at the corner,
turning their blood to wine,
while I
reach for the sky
as if it were mine.

You set up your truth like a candle,
watching the news, growing old,
as if you could possibly handle
the truth you were already told.
The last time I looked,
you were wiping
my fingerprints off your soul,
while I
reached for the sky
for something to hold.

Now face to face,
dancing with grace,
this is the place
only love
can reach for the sky.

The last word of life is unspoken,
and rises just like a balloon,
grasping for air in the open,
like the songs that they sing on the moon.
Loneliness camps on the border
of happiness and despair,
and I
reach for the sky
as if it were there.