1. With You
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With You
(C) 1990 Michael R. J. Roth

The life I left behind me
is a dark and empty road,
a song that no one plays
that once was on the radio.
And even though
I can’t explain
this change in me,
I know it’s true.
I’m not the man I was
before I was with you.

I was standing at the crossroads
on that lonesome road to hell
I don’t know how I’d mark the spot,
exactly, where I fell.
I thought I that I could hang a sin
on every star that shines above,
till I saw you in the morning light,
that light of love.

I never thought that love
would be enough
to see me through
Now you know
There’s nothing I won’t do
for you.
I treasure every moment
that I spend awaiting you,
now that I have nothing left,
and everything in you.

Some days are yesterdays,
and some days never come.
Some days are hard as stone,
and some days come undone.
You know how sometimes
they just fly away
until they reach the moon.
But I can only count the days
that I’m with you.