From the recording Streets of Seattle

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"On the streets of Seattle, in the misty morning rain, a broken spirit leans on an old lamppost, hanging out like the Holy Ghost."

Written by award-winning songwriters Michael R. J. Roth and Mike P. Ryan, and recorded at the University of New Mexico by Sam Negri.

Michael R. J. Roth has been called “a cool dark troubadour…a modern day poet not unlike Townes Van Zandt” and ”a Jedi songwriter" whose songs display “unique and exceptional lyric writing” with "a real John Prine feel." Lori McKenna called him "brilliant." Roth was the winner of the 2019 NSAI Song Contest for lyrics and received a Gold Award for lyrics from the Songwriters Association of Washington. His song "Homeless Sky" has been included in Hope 4 Restoration's Top 100 list of songs about homelessness
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Mike P. Ryan draws on his humble roots and uses his keen eye for detail to craft heartfelt songs about the struggles and triumphs of everyday life. Mike’s smooth, clear vocal style is regularly compared to classic Singer/Songwriters like James Taylor and Jackson Browne while his evocative lyrics reflect the influences of musical wordsmiths like Robert Earl Keen, Richard Shindell, and Jeffrey Foucault. Mike has won a host of prestigious national and international songwriting awards including: two Gold Medals and the Grand Prize Award in The Mid-Atlantic Song Contest; First Place in the Folk/Acoustic Category of the UK Songwriting Contest; and First Place overall in the Dallas Songwriter's Association Songwriting Contest. He is a two-time finalist in The Kerrville Folk Festival’s New Folk competition, a top 10 finisher in The Al Johnson Wildflower Performing Singer/Songwriter Contest, and a Bronze Medal winner in American Songwriter Magazine’s Lyrics Contest.
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Streets of Seattle
©2019 Michael R. J. Roth & Mike P. Ryan

Down at the Union Gospel Mission
The streetlights shine like golden torches
Burning like a pyre of hopeless wishes
You can look away, but not ignore it

With their backpacks and their knit caps, dressed in flannel
Staggering, retreating from a battle
They lost long ago and can’t remember
Why they fought or when they finally surrendered

On the streets of Seattle
In the misty morning rain
A broken spirit leans on an old lamppost
Hanging out like the Holy Ghost

I don't know if they can win this
Existing on the dingy fringes
Among the broken bottles and syringes
Looking for a life lost in the distance


Beneath the laughter of a silver Boeing jet
Hauling all those rich folks overhead
There is a dream that lies in stillness
Waiting to rise from the dead

On the streets of Seattle
In the misty morning rain
A broken spirit leans on an old lamppost
Hanging out like the Holy Ghost
It doesn’t matter what you pay
He will never go away
He's here to stay
On the streets of Seattle