A Bat Flying in the Night

Michael R. J. Roth

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"I see the stars that shine like guided missiles, falling softly through the evening skies..."

Michael R. J. Roth was the winner of the 2019 NSAI Song Contest for lyric writing, and received a Gold Award from the 2018 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest for lyrics. He has been called "a cool dark troubadour" and "an amazing writer" by fans and industry professionals, evoking a mix of Leonard Cohen, Gordon Lightfoot, Johnny Cash, Paul Simon and others with lyrics known for their intriguing imagery and "deep, profound truth." He is featured in the Great American Song Hall of Fame, and is known for his award-winning, original acoustic songs with "the kind of lyrics that make Nashville writers salivate." NSAI named him "One to Watch." Lori McKenna called him "brilliant."

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